All Indigenous apparel and accessories are made of only all natural fibers, including organic cotton, organic alpaca, marino wool, silk, and other fibers created by nature.  Conventional cotton is one of the most pesticide-dependent crops, while cotton used by Indigenous to produce beautiful fashion is free of all pesticides.   The wool and alpaca used in also raised in a natural manner. 

Indigenous either utilizes the natural colors of organic cotton and fleece to eliminate the need for dyes or when vivid colors are select only low impact dyes which contain no heavy metals are used.  All dyes used to produce Indigenous clothes are  Azo - dioxazine compound free.  Indigenous also utilizes a qualified system for waste water filtration.


Their commitment to all natural fibers and low-impact dyes stems from the desire to ensure their clothing manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, and never harms water tables and local communities.  

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